A to Z of Marketing for Small Business

A sk your customer what they want – market research is a key to successful business

B uild a brand name, image and ethos that has a value to you and your customer

C ustomer is king – know them, love them and always be where they are

D evelop multiple streams of income for your business based on your consumer insight

E very interaction matters. Know your customers journey to and through your product and service and make sure to delight and excite them every step of the way

F ocus on marketing activities that deliver a return on investment

G et your brand out there. Use the marketing mix (advertising, PR, social media, networking etc.) to let your customers know you are here!

H ow do you want to be perceived? Ensure every part of your marketing plan is congruent with your brand vision, mission and values

I mitation is the greatest form of flattery. Look in and outside your industry for inspirational marketing plans and put your own twist to it

J ust do it! Plan, execute and review

K now your Unique Selling Point and be able to explain in 60 seconds what you do and your competitive advantage.

L everage your loyal customers as Brand Advocates to potential new clients. Use testimonials.

M ailing lists, texting, sampling…build a customer relationship plans so you can communicate with your customer on an on-going basis

N etwork! Make connections with your customers and other business to grow sales

O bjectives that are specific, measureable, action orientated, realistic and time based

P roduct, price, place, proposition, promotion, people, process and performance are the core knowledge elements you need to develop your marketing plan.

Q uestion your customers. Use continuous research to find out as much as you can about them so you can satisfy or anticipate their needs

R eturn on investment is vital for all marketing activities. Set clear objectives and measure the activities return.

S ay what you mean and mean what you say! Have a clear and simple message that is easily understood by your target market

T wo heads are better than one. Build a network of people around you to help you develop your ideas

U nderstand your customer and industry inside out. Be an expert in your field.

V ision and Mission Statements are not just words on a page; use them to guide your business decisions

W ho, what, where, when, why, how and how much…keep asking yourself these questions

X tra mile every time! Always try to over deliver

Y ell it from the rooftops! Let everyone know who you are, where you are and what you do

Z eitgeist! Be in tune with the “spirit of the time”. Be current and relevant with you PR and marketing plan

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