Why pick us?

There are many options open to business owners to bring in marketing expertise into their business. It is important to have the right fit for your brand and business in order for it to really work to its maximum effect. Here are some of the reasons clients choose to work with M.F. Marketing Consultancy:

Honesty: This is the most important value that is held by M.F. Marketing Consultancy. Muireann has a straightforward and honest approach to business and her clients know that they will get truthful, honest answers and challenges to their business issues and opportunities. green-apples-with-one-red-apple_full

Trust: It is the most fundamental aspects of humans relationships and communication. In order to have a successful partnership there must be trust between both parties. Muireann works diligently on work for her clients and will not take on any new business that is in conflict with her current customers. She has long-standing relationships with all of her clients as they trust her to do the best job possible on their behalf.

Expertise: Muireann has the experience and expertise to deliver best practice business planning advice to her customers. She is a passionate about marketing, entrepreneurship and creativity and has the qualifications and experience to share with her clients. Clients generally chose to work with Muireann as they have been recommended or have experienced her expertise first hand.

No Bull: Muireann takes a no bull approach to marketing and personal development. M.F. Marketing Consultancy works with it’s clients on specific projects with specific outcomes that are aimed at adding value to the business. Muireann works with clients to ensure that there is a clear plan with clear deliverable outcomes to ensure the clients gets value for money.

Efficiency: M.F. Marketing Consultancy place a high value on efficiency and want to do the best job possible for the client in the most efficient manner. Muireann challenges her customers so that they are getting maximum use of their time together. This approach is also taken into account in the advice provided by M.F. Marketing Consultancy. It is about providing the best plan possible in the most cost effective way to the customer.


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