Presentations – Be Brilliant!

You have been asked to do a presentation…..your hands start to sweat at the thought of it, your stomach starts to turn and where on earth do you even begin? Before you start imagining all that could go wrong and panicking – STOP -  there are a few simple things you can do to create an engaging and impressive presentation. When preparing your presentation use the simple CREAP© process:


Structure: Like writing a book you need to have a start, middle and end to your presentation. Start with a strong introduction to who you are and what the objective of the presentation is. The middle section is the meat of the presentation; it is the explanation of topic under discussion. The end should summarise the learning and highlight what you want the audience to do as a result of the presentation. This ties the whole presentation together from information to possible transformation for the audience.


Confidence:  Presentations are no different than any other human interaction. You are simply having a conversation with more than one person. Do what you would normally do when you meet your friend – greet the audience warmly, establish eye contact with each person and talk to them directly. You are the captain of the ship and you are bringing them on a journey. Tell them where you are going, why you are going there and how you are going to get there. They are there because they want to be there so be confident, they are your friends!


Reality Check:  Where possible bring your topic to life using real life examples. This brings your presentation from theory to reality. It makes your content more relevant and enables the audience to see how they could practically use this information in their own lives.


Avoid Boredom: In this age of internet, YouTube and Google there is no excuse not to excite your audience and bring your subject to life. The audience are used to being entertained so do not bore them to tears with a PowerPoint of words on a page. Use the multimedia resources available to you. Use images, videos or props to grab the audience’s attention. Think of how people best remember content; words, visual cues and colour. This has the added benefit of helping the audience engage with you presentation it also helps them remember what you have said in the presentation long after they have left the room.


Authenticity: The most important thing is to be true to you. The best type of presenter is one who is natural. You were not asked to do stand-up comedy or become a world-class entertainer. Once someone is passionate about the topic they are talking about that is all that matters. Show your passion and let your presentation flow from there.

Muireann Fitzmaurice, MF Marketing Consultancy

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