How it works?

“Seek first to understand and then to be understood” – Stephen Covey

M.F. Consultancy services are delivered by different methods such as 1:1 Mentoring, Management Consultancy, Training Workshops,Online Mentoring and/or Speaking Engagements. This is all based on the requirement of each customer. Some customers may need a significant amount of support to develop their plans while others may only need a light touch approach. brainstorming

Therefore to develop a really strategic and effective plan it is critical to first understand what your needs and requirements are.This will generally take place via a discussion over the phone or a coffee to firstly establish if M.F. Marketing Consultancy is the right fit for your company.

As part of the collaboration between the client and M.F. Consultancy there are a number steps we will go through to ensure that you reach your full potential. It is important that we work together to ensure the best possible outcome for you and/or your business.

1. Understand: Establish a full understanding of where you are now, what areas work well and what areas you wish to change

2. Opportunity: Identify the opportunities where you can develop

3. Focus: Prioritise the areas you wish to address by focusing on the key things that your brand needs to deliver the business goals & brand vision.

4. Action: Develop a business/marketing plan that is clear, insightful, strategic and has deliverable outcomes.

5. Implementation: Clear and concise strategy for implementation of the agreed action plan so that all activities are delivered on time, in full and to budget.

6. Evaluation: Providing evaluation tools to ensure your plan gives you return on investment.

To discuss further how I can help you or your business please call me on 0868932768 or email



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