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The mind is an unbelievable and powerful tool. Each day it absorbs thousands of messages and stimuli from the world around us. The proliferation of new online media has opened up a new world of information and inspiration available to us at our fingertips. Never before in our history have we had so much access to the innovation happening across the globe in real time.

We can now access the minds and lives of our heroes simply by following them on Twitter. We can be motivated by our favourite artists, poets or designers through their online blogs. We can witness the flow of creativity from ordinary people streamed to us via YouTube.

So there is a lot of information on and off line….how can we use this to inspire our Marketing Plans?

I believe the most important focus now needs to be on “Selective Attention”. Entrepreneurs are time poor and therefore (a) do not want to be overloaded with information and (b) want to create an action or idea that is of benefit to the business. Therefore it is about being selective about the media you want to absorb so that you can get greatest value out of it.There are five vital questions I think are key to ensuring you are inspired for marketing your business

  1. What are other companies doing inside and outside my industry?
  2. What are the visible objectives?
  3. What is relevant to my consumers life?
  4. How could this apply to my business?
  5. How could I make it better?

Muireann’s Top 6 Inspiration Stimuli

  • RTE Radio 1 The Business, Saturdays 10am
  • Newstalk Down to Business, Sunday 10am
  • Industry Newsletters e.g. / MII / AAI
  • Twitter feeds on areas of specific interest e.g. #socialmedia
  • LinkedIn updates, news and groups
  • Daily and weekend newspapers

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