Muireann is a dynamic and passionate entrepreneur. She is an experienced marketing professional 10351657_10152134075781981_8771994405089722062_nwith 15 years experience of marketing a wide range of products and services.

In 2011 Muireann decided to use these skills and set up her own business M.F. Marketing Consultancy. The business was set up to provide marketing and coaching services to business owners.

Muireann has worked with clients from small and large companies to develop their marketing plans.

One of the key clients for M.F. Marketing Consultancy has been The Women’s Mini Marathon. This event is the largest all female event in the world and Ireland’s largest one day charity event. Over 40,000 women participate in the event each year. Muireann is responsible for all Communications for the organisers. As Marketing, PR and Sponsorship Consultant Muireann creates the Communication Strategy for the organisation.

Muireann is also is an energetic trainer specialising in Training and Mentoring small business owners/managers on idea generation, business planning, marketing, social media and personal development. For the past two years Muireann has joined forces with QEDTraining, the number one training company in Ireland for training entrepreneurs. As part of the team in QedTraining Muireann has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help create new businesses and creatively stay in business. Muireann is passionate about creativity, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Working from home, Muireann also enjoys the great benefits of living in Greystones and on the beautiful east coast!

If you would like to work with Muireann or find out how she can add value to your business simply call (086) 893 2768 or email

For more information on Muireann go to

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