Anyone for coffee?

I met with some friends today who are thinking of setting up their own business and were looking for advice on where to start. Here are my top tips for those of you thinking about embarking on the most wonderful adventure as an entrepreneur; Coffee The most valuable thing for any start up is to reach out and connect with people who have started/running their own business or have expertise in the areas that you needed more information on. At the start you are forming your idea into a real business. Friends, friends and colleagues can be a great source of helping you develop those ideas and make them stronger […]


Marketing; Creativity and Common Sense

Using both the right side and left side of the brain is critical in creating a really strong marketing plan. The right side of your brand houses creativity and emotions while the left side hosts the logical processes. The marketing campaigns that really stand out from the crowd tend to be those that have a high degree of creative or emotional engagement. They have done something different or made you look at the world in a different way. While creativity is essential in marketing, it is only as useful as the amount of common sense applied to the idea. No matter how creative or innovative a marketing plan is, it […]


Social Media – 5 Key Questions

In recent weeks I have had the great pleasure of working with a wide number of start-up businesses and the topic that lights up their eyes is always around Social Media Marketing. Everyone is so excited about it. Two little words that didn’t exist together a couple of years ago are creating a buzz around the world. Suddenly everyone is talking about it and every business wants a piece of it. Social media has now become the holy grail of marketing! The biggest challenge for business is not whether or not they have a social media platform. It is more a question of which platform do they chose and what […]


Public Relations Top Tips

PR is a really important part of the marketing mix for businesses. PR, simply put, is the generation of media coverage (paper/magazine/online/TV/radio) that features stories about you or your company that is not paid for (i.e. advertising). PR is free but you do need to factor in expense of time, phone calls, gifts and mailings to the media. It has a credibility, coming from a third party source, that makes it very different from advertising. So where do you start in building your PR plan? Simple PR Tips Be an Expert: Present yourself as an expert in your field Be Unique: Know your unique selling point Be Creative: People in […]


Marketing Inspiration

The mind is an unbelievable and powerful tool. Each day it absorbs thousands of messages and stimuli from the world around us. The proliferation of new online media has opened up a new world of information and inspiration available to us at our fingertips. Never before in our history have we had so much access to the innovation happening across the globe in real time. We can now access the minds and lives of our heroes simply by following them on Twitter. We can be motivated by our favourite artists, poets or designers through their online blogs. We can witness the flow of creativity from ordinary people streamed to us […]


Marketing: Knowledge versus Wisdom

In previous generations the focus has been primarily on the acquisition of knowledge. There was a value placed on a person’s knowledge and this could be seen in the raised status in society of a person holding a degree, masters or PHD. As a result of this focus on knowledge, the school and second level systems have traditionally been focused on training people solely on the absorption and regurgitation of information. The question is; in this Age of Information how valuable is that model now? Any piece of information, no matter how complex, can be accessed within seconds from our mobile technology rendering, in my belief, information to be a […]


New Year Revolution

As we step bravely into 2012, I believe it is time for every marketing professional to embrace Positive Marketing. The Irish psyche has been on a three year endurance test on its sense of self. From interest rates to negative equity, IMF deals to burning mysterious bond holders there has been a slow erosion of the confidence we had during the Celtic tiger. While we can all probably agree it was a time of madness (uncensored shopping and consumer indulgence), it was also a time where, for once, the Irish had a collective belief system of “we can achieve anything”. The media has a huge part to play in the […]


Presentations – Be Brilliant!

You have been asked to do a presentation…..your hands start to sweat at the thought of it, your stomach starts to turn and where on earth do you even begin? Before you start imagining all that could go wrong and panicking – STOP -  there are a few simple things you can do to create an engaging and impressive presentation. When preparing your presentation use the simple CREAP© process: Content: Structure: Like writing a book you need to have a start, middle and end to your presentation. Start with a strong introduction to who you are and what the objective of the presentation is. The middle section is the meat […]


Tribe Mentality and Marketing

I was speaking recently to fourth year students about getting brand advocates for their new school mini-business of selling t-shirts. I suggested that they gets some of the “cool” kids in each class to become their brand ambassadors by wearing their branded t-shirt with the intention that it would inspire the masses to get in on this trend. While they were having none of it, denying the existence of trend setters and followers, it got me thinking about the tribe mentality, the human instinct to follow the herd and how this affects the way we market products. I then thought of where I follow a tribe and I could see […]


What is the difference between Marketing and Branding?

This sounds like such a simple question but people often get mixed up between what branding and marketing are. It is really quite straight forward. The market is where you sell your product. Marketing is the presentation or communication of your product to potential buyers within that market. Therefore marketing includes establishing target market (who within the total market would be intersted in your product), product (having a product that the market want or desire), advertising (vehicles to tell the people who are interested that your product is there), pricing (setting a price that is attractive to the consumer), place (being in the ideal location for your market to find […]


A to Z of Marketing for Small Business

A sk your customer what they want – market research is a key to successful business B uild a brand name, image and ethos that has a value to you and your customer C ustomer is king – know them, love them and always be where they are D evelop multiple streams of income for your business based on your consumer insight E very interaction matters. Know your customers journey to and through your product and service and make sure to delight and excite them every step of the way F ocus on marketing activities that deliver a return on investment G et your brand out there. Use the marketing […]

Tagline…..Ideas Worth Spreading

I went to the kick off of the TedXDublin event last night in the Science Gallery. Last night the conversation from the panelist mostly focused on how do you spread ideas. Hosted by Shane Bergin the discussion was on the different approaches people take to engage an audience with new ideas. Guests included the team behind Festival of Curiosity, TwisterDoodles and filmmaker Conor Horgan. Some of the ideas that arose were things such as – Get people emotionally engaged in the idea – Tap into how people feel or their perception of something – Passion of the idea generator driving the project forward – Engaging people in a new or […]