Tagline…..Ideas Worth Spreading

I went to the kick off of the TedXDublin event last night in the Science Gallery. Last night the conversation from the panelist mostly focused on how do you spread ideas.

Hosted by Shane Bergin the discussion was on the different approaches people take to engage an audience with new ideas. Guests included the team behind Festival of Curiosity, TwisterDoodles and filmmaker Conor Horgan.
Some of the ideas that arose were things such as

- Get people emotionally engaged in the idea

- Tap into how people feel or their perception of something

- Passion of the idea generator driving the project forward

- Engaging people in a new or fresh way

I have looked at TedTalks for the last couple of years and I had never really thought about their tagline. Up to this point if I have I really more have focused on the “Idea” part of the tagline and Ted as a vehicle to spread that.

What struck me last night was that the emphasis is actually on the word WORTH.

………..an idea is just an idea unless it has an intrinsic value to someone or something

………..an idea wont spread unless it matters to someone ….initially the person who thought up the idea …..and then to others who will share the idea onwards

………worth and value will change depending on the individual but it has to benefit, inspire, help or add value in some way to the lives of another person

When it comes to business and marketing it is exactly the same. It is not enough to have a well structured or logical marketing plan or a business that functionally operates…..success lies really in our ability to engage and enhance the lives of our customers and through that the word of mouth, repeat custom and general success of our business is created.

So I am certainly going to bring that knowledge into my thinking around creativity and business building. Ok so I have this great idea……what is it worth and who is it worth something to……is the idea worth spreading!!!!!


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