Tagline…..Ideas Worth Spreading

I went to the kick off of the TedXDublin event last night in the Science Gallery. Last night the conversation from the panelist mostly focused on how do you spread ideas. Hosted by Shane Bergin the discussion was on the different approaches people take to engage an audience with new ideas. Guests included the team behind Festival of Curiosity, TwisterDoodles and filmmaker Conor Horgan. Some of the ideas that arose were things such as – Get people emotionally engaged in the idea – Tap into how people feel or their perception of something – Passion of the idea generator driving the project forward – Engaging people in a new or […]


Marketing: Knowledge versus Wisdom

In previous generations the focus has been primarily on the acquisition of knowledge. There was a value placed on a person’s knowledge and this could be seen in the raised status in society of a person holding a degree, masters or PHD. As a result of this focus on knowledge, the school and second level systems have traditionally been focused on training people solely on the absorption and regurgitation of information. The question is; in this Age of Information how valuable is that model now? Any piece of information, no matter how complex, can be accessed within seconds from our mobile technology rendering, in my belief, information to be a […]


Presentations – Be Brilliant!

You have been asked to do a presentation…..your hands start to sweat at the thought of it, your stomach starts to turn and where on earth do you even begin? Before you start imagining all that could go wrong and panicking – STOP -  there are a few simple things you can do to create an engaging and impressive presentation. When preparing your presentation use the simple CREAP© process: Content: Structure: Like writing a book you need to have a start, middle and end to your presentation. Start with a strong introduction to who you are and what the objective of the presentation is. The middle section is the meat […]